About Harry

Harry has lived and worked in New Hanover County since early 2000 when he transferred here with the Commercial Nuclear Fuel Industry.  His wife Kathy is a local small business owner with a Master’s Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).  Kathy is a previous Contract Administrator for the GE Company and is a long term experienced local Real Estate Broker focused exclusively on family housing.  Their daughter, Kady, is a product of the New Hanover County Public School System and NC Independent Colleges System.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Campbell University and a Master’s Degree from Liberty University.  Kady is the Director of Operations for the Campbell University Football team.  A true NC Family.

Harry grow up on a small family cattle farm, where he worked his way through West Virginia University to obtain his initial Mechanical Engineering Degree.   He started his Nuclear Career right out of college working for the Knolls Atomic Power Lab (KAPL) in the Naval Nuclear Power Training Division where he supported operation, testing and training for Nuclear Navy Personal and Equipment.  Harry is one the few civilians qualified as Engineer (Engineering Officer of the Watch and Shift Supervisor) on Naval Nuclear Power Plants.  During the last several years with the KAPL, Harry managed one of the Department of Energy’s largest spent fuel research facilities, the KAPL Radioactive Materials Laboratory

In early 2000, Harry transferred to Wilmington to work in the Commercial Nuclear Fuel Industry.  Harry served in varying capacities including Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Emergency Director, Global Logistics Manager, and International Project Director.  All of these positions involved managing/oversight of complex operations and personnel to ensure compliance with Local, State, Federal and International Requirements including Environmental Issues.  Harry was able to retire/resign early from the nuclear industry after 28 years of vast and varying experience to run his own small local business.  

Harry is currently a licensed NC Real Estate Broker focused primarily on affordable housing, family neighborhoods and helping businesses expand bringing jobs to the region.  He was a founding member and Chairman of the Coastal Carolina Accountability Project a state PAC focused on appropriate use of tax payer dollars.  Harry is also the First Vice-Chairman of the South Eastern Republican Men’s Association, a subsidiary of the State Men’s Association

Harry will use his life and working experiences to benefit the residents of New Hanover County as one of its Elected County Commissioners.  It’s time for elected politicians to be made up of actual successful blue and white-collar workers to represent the working class taxpayers of our community.

Harry M. Knight’s Work Experience

Candidate, New Hanover County Commissioner


Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Engineering, West Virginia University (1985)
  • Graduated Naval Nuclear Power Plant Engineering Program (1989)
  • Attended RPI for Master of Engineering (1999)
  • Completed GE, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin Corporation Training Programs: Krepnor Trego Problem Analysis, Process Review Facilitator, Shipley Association Technical Writing Course, High Performance Organization, Covey Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, and LMT Center of Excellence Management Training. GE New Manager, Advanced Management and Plant Manager training courses.
  • Previous holder of DOD Top Secret, Restricted Data and DOE Q level, Restricted Data security clearances.  Both currently inactive (no current need to know status)

Political Experience

  • Co-Founder and Chairman Coastal Carolina Accountability Project PAC.  Independent Tax Payer Advocacy Group
  • Co-Founder and 1rst Vice-Chairman South Eastern Republican Men’s Association
  • NHC Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Board (Former Member)
  • Wilmington/New Hanover Port, Waterway, and Beach Commission – Appointed Feb. 2020
  • Secretary of Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority – Appointed June 2020
  • NC State Board of Licensing Soil Scientists – Appointed July 2020

Professional/Corporate Work Experience

Self Employed, Small Business Owner (1/2014 to current)

Resigned/retired early from corporate business world to start and run small business.  Currently NC Licensed as a Real Estate Broker and represent Intracoastal Realty Corporation, the region’s premier brokerage firm.  My focus is working class housing and Industrial Development (Jobs)

Project Director Steam Dryers, GE Hitachi Americas (10/2009 – 12/2013).

Responsible for the design, analysis, and modification team of engineers and scientists for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Internals related to the Steam Dryer.  Team of personnel located on both US coasts and Japan.  Exclusively assigned all non-US reactor work due to previous international nuclear experience.  Also assigned and successfully completed the largest US Nuclear Plant Instrumentation Upgrade in record time, schedule and on budget to support Nuclear Plant emergent issue with regulatory agency.

Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Nuclear Fuel Cycle (10/2006 – 10/2009)

The EHS Manager – Fuel Cycle serves as the leader of the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) organization for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle business in the Americas, Japan and Global Laser Enrichment. Responsibilities include ensuring the development and continuous improvement of Environment, Health and Safety programs; and leadership of the Licensing, Security, Nuclear Safety, Radiation Safety and Material Control & Accountability functions within GNF-A.  Reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and manages all aspects materially required by NRC Special Nuclear Materials License for Global Nuclear Fuels and Global Laser Enrichment.

Emergency Director, Global Nuclear Fuels (12/2002 – 10/2009)

Concurrent position with other responsibilities.  Fully responsible and ultimate authority for all actions taken during off-normal conditions of the nuclear facility in accordance with NRC special nuclear materials license.  Reports directly to Chief Executive Officer during performance of duties

Fuel Components Operation Manager, Global Nuclear Fuels (8/2004 – 10/2006)

Assigned responsibility for recovery of the Fuels Components Manufacturing Operation following a Zirc Fire event in July of 2004 that shutdown the facility. Re-established safe operating conditions and controls returning the operation to full production. Established an operational structure that recovered and exceeded 2004 production by 40% for the year. During 2005 and 2006 continued to improve FCO operations including right sizing organization, exceeding historical tubing production capability and delayering organization for more efficient operation.

Global Logistics Manager, Global Nuclear Fuels (12/2002 – 8/2004)

Responsible for all aspects of moving incoming raw material and outgoing customer delivery of nuclear materials around the world from both the USA and Japan facility. Established the One GNF Logistics Organization combining the strengths of the USA and Japan organizations into a single organization.

During this assignment I was also responsible for the design modifications, testing, initial licensing and construction of the RA-JII bundle shipping container for use in the USA and other foreign locations based on the current Japanese designed container. Both the container project and operations of Logistics required interface with governmental agencies (Foreign and Domestic) for licensing and approval of operations/construction. This position was also responsible for the Environmental Projects initiatives.

During my tenor the CaF2 Lagoon cleanup project was completed. This was the single largest Environmental Project in GE at the time. Project was maintained ahead of schedule and under budget.

Emergency Preparedness and Security Manager, Global Nuclear Fuels (5/2000 – 12/2002)

Responsible for overall Security and Emergency Response capability for the Wilmington, NC Nuclear and Aircraft Engines facility. Upgraded the site’s security plan and physical protection scheme based on the events of 9-11. Numerous GE corporate and Governmental agency reviews of the new security measures and plan identified this site as a best practice within GE and industry. Also during this time I program managed the licensing and initial construction of the new nuclear powder shipping container (NPC) an $8MM Capital Investment project. Running this project required extensive travel as well as interface with governmental regulatory agencies (Foreign and Domestic) getting license approval and construction

Radioactive Materials Laboratory Manager (2/99-5/2000).  Assumed management of the Naval Reactors Radioactive Materials Laboratory due to performance and personnel issues within the laboratory.  Fully responsible and accountable for the Radioactive Materials evaluation program.  Responsible for the testing and evaluation of new structural and fuel materials for the NR program.  Also responsible for post decommissioning material evaluations to ensure equipment and material performed as expected during their lifetime.  Line manager responsible for a $14M equipment, facility and capability upgrade.

KAPL Advanced Engineering Program (9/97-2/99).  3-year company sponsored program to obtain an advanced degree in an engineering discipline.  Must be selected for the program by company senior managers based on sustained excellent performance and technical capability.  Final approval to enter program approved by the General Manager.

  • 1-year intensive KAPL taught courses in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (heat transfer and fluid flow), and Nuclear Engineering/Design.
  • 2 years intensive study at RPI University in an Engineering discipline.  Completed 2 of 4 semesters before being transferred to RML management to correct previous management issues

Test Support Operations Manager (4/96-9/97).  Responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of skilled craft resource activities related to development of advanced materials and technological advancement of the Naval Nuclear Power Program.

Maintenance Manager (12/94-4/96).  Directly responsible for the overall maintenance and operating schedule of the nuclear plant and support equipment.  This included final end of life testing and shutdown of the fleets oldest operating surface ship configurated power plant

Operations Assistant (11/93-12/94).  Senior assistant to the Operations Manager.  Performed the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Implementation of all changes affecting plant operating and technical manuals.  Several changes were made increasing the plant’s reliability and flexibility.
  • Planning, coordination, and executing special test procedures.  Several one of a kind and first of a kind tests were run during this period.  All executed flawlessly with better than expected results.
  • Implemented several improvements in the plants operating schedule and manual requirements to increase the plant’s depletion mission.  Received several awards from the Site Manager for continuous improvement in this area.
  • Acted for the Operations Manager routinely in his absence.

Shift Supervisor (10/91-11/93).  Senior supervisor assigned to the plant on each shift.  Direct representative of the Plant Manager and has commensurate authority to carry out his duties and responsibilities.  His responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ensuring the safe, effective, and efficient conduct of evolutions including training, testing, maintenance, and repairs.  Maintain proper upkeep and cleanliness of engineering spaces.
  • Ensure his staff (approximately 50 Staff and 150 students) maintain adequate technical knowledge and watch standings comply with procedural and formal standards.  Directing the Engineering Officer of the Watch in carrying out his duties.  Carryout the plant program efficiently and expeditiously.
  • Participate in test procedure technical and operational reviews.  Ensure plant readiness for start of testing and proper execution of nuclear plant testing.

Nuclear Plant Engineer (6/86-10/91).  Assistant to the Shift Supervisor responsible for the day-to-day operation, maintenance, training, and testing of the nuclear power plant including all support systems.  Personally responsible for operations during watch standing.  Qualified Shift Supervisor and Nuclear Test Engineer while on shift during this time.