Safe Environment and Livability

As the former Environmental Health and Safety Manager for GE Nuclear Manufacturing I have real world experience and training in this area.  I know what a real issue is and what is an activist issue.  Issues as of greatest need in this area 

  • Ensuring our land, waterways and atmosphere is clean and healthy for our citizens, visitors and businesses.  We need to hold past polluters accountable (Chemours’s) and prevent future pollution in new projects
  • Severe Weather preparation and preparedness has to stay at the top of the list.  As everybody knows we are subject to severe weather, especially hurricanes, and we need to remain prepared.  One of the reasons Hurricane Florence in 2018 was so devastating was our failure to maintain water drainage paths.  When it rained for 4 days straight that caused severe flooding that would not have normally occurred if the water had its normal drainage paths.  Ensuring an ongoing preventative maintenance program is in place is key to preventing that issue

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