Our children are our future and they should be treated as such.  For the last 2 and half years under the guise of COVID our governments have tried to artificially protect adults and damaged our children.  This is exactly the opposite of the behavior our government should have been. As I and many others warned at the beginning shutting down schools would have a lasting negative effect on our most vulnerable children.  Our schools should have never been closed.  Closing our schools has caused unmeasurable damage to all of our young children and likely permanently set back our lower middle income and disadvantaged children.  Upper middle class and wealthy families have the means or will find the means to continue to properly educate their children.  In most cases the remaining population don’t have the means to be able to do that.  That simply isn’t right when we have a public education system that should be designed to serve all of our children

I came from humble beginnings and have been able to achieve the American dream through our public education system.  All children should have the same opportunity to achieve the American dream as I did.  I will work to get our education system back to the basics, improve the quality of our schools and give parents a voice and choice in the type of education their children receive

Our local college system is one of the best in the state and I will work to keep it that way.  Local colleges and trade schools provide the opportunity for young adults to receive needed and valuable education that result in the beginning of great careers with future larger successes without having to incur the crimpling financial debt that traditional colleges typically cause in today’s times.  A 4year degree isn’t the right starting point for all young adults.  Trade and technical schools are typically the backbone of our small businesses that make this region and our country the best on earth

During my early career with the Knolls Atomic Power Lab I was a certified classroom and operational instructor for the US Nuclear Navy.  I have taught 19 year old’s master degree level engineering courses as well as taught those same enlisted and future Commanding Officers for Nuclear Powered Ships how to operate the reactor plants.  I can bring that real world education experience to the table as a County Commissioner to improve our schools

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