Attended a public meeting this afternoon at Cape Fear Museum presented by CFPUA on how water gets from the river to your faucet.  This included a discussion on the $43Million upgrade currently underway to install activated carbon filters for removal of PFAS chemicals.  We need to continue to support:

  • CFPUA with others in their lawsuit with Chemours to recover the cost the installation of this system plus the previous costs of dealing with the PFAS contamination.  The polluters should be paying not the citizens that use the system
  • Continue to encourage the EPA and NCDEQ to finish their study and establish actual limits for PFAS compounds so we know if we are adequately removing the contamination as well as establish the limits so that companies know what standards to follow preventing future contamination

DEQ: Chemours to revise ‘insufficient’ plan for contaminated wells in Cape Fear | Port City Daily