All 7 of us running for New Hanover County Commissioner (4R and 3D) participated in a public debate this week.  Get to know your candidates before voting.  The article covers our positions on various issues affecting New Hanover County and includes a link to the live stream if you want to watch the actual debate

My personal favorite quote from the article:  Knight spoke out against the property tax increase at a public hearing last year and doubled down on it during the town hall as well.  “We are actually increasing not only teacher’s pay but city and county workers and other staff because of the economy that we have today,” he clarified. “We have to be competitive. So what that tells you is, if we have the funds available this year to increase our expenses, from all of those various line items — mainly salaries — and cut our taxes, you didn’t need to raise our taxes last year to begin with.”

Town hall: Commissioner candidates address affordable housing, higher taxes, ethics