The Battleship Point project has lost patience with New Hanover County Leadership.  They are now asking to be voluntarily annexed into the Town of Leland.  Assuming Leland accepts this offer (there’s no reason I can think of why they wouldn’t) New Hanover County loses any influence on what or how that project gets built.  The inability of our planning board to provide appropriate guidance on how to proceed with a responsible financially viable project is unacceptable and results in actions like this which takes your ability to influence the project completely away.  Our County Commission Board isn’t much better either, they simply delayed making a decision a few weeks ago as well.

One of the absolute keys to being an effective leader is understanding the current field you are playing on and making sure you don’t give up control of that field.  Losing control of a 100s of Millions of Dollars project is simply unacceptable and will not happen if you elect me to be a commissioner later this year.

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